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Earn a College Scholarship

TD1 Dominant One Athlete Challenge gives every High School Athlete the chance to earn a College Scholarship.  The TD1 Challenge is open to all applicants now.  The Dominant One Athlete Challenge will hand out the following prizes for the top athletes in the challenge. 

The Dominant 1: $50,000 scholarship
Runner-up: $10,000 scholarship
3rd Place: $5,000 scholarship
Honorable Mention 4th-20th: $1,000 scholarship

An Additional scholarship award will be awarded to the athlete that shows the best “character” through their community service work.

Character Award: $15,000 scholarship

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How to become The Dominant 1 


Enter the Challenge

  • Receive personal log-in to training and education on computer and mobile application feature to take the TD1 Challenge with you anywhere.
  • Log-in with Facebook account to upload picture, stats, and highlight videos to show why you are The Dominant One.
  • The program is a 10-week challenge to test you physically, mentally, and socially.
  • 10-week Performance Training System, designed by National Strength Coaches Hall of Famer Kurt Hester, to develop power, speed, flexibility, quickness, and conditioning.  Coach Hester has trained hundreds of pro athletes in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, and PGA.  Including 3 Heisman Trophy winners, Herschal Walker, Tim Tebow, and Reggie Bush.
  • Nutrition, dangers of steroids, and safety education provided through videos and articles by University of New Mexico Ph.D Chad Kerksick.
  • Athletes will be tested academically through a written assignment on the dangers of steroid abuse.
  • Athletes most show their character, with a community service project and written assignment.
  • The challenge participant must create a biographical video explaining themselves and why they are the Dominant One. 

The Final Challenge

The top 20 athletes determined by performance in initial 10-week challenge, will square off head to head in a 3-Day competition to decide the true Dominant One.

  • The final challenge sight and date is to be determined by contest entries.
  • Athletes and 1 Parent/Guardian will have travel and hotel accommedations provided.
  • Athletes will be tested mentally and physically by Coach Hester and numerous professional athletes to determine the winner.


Start Dominating