Football Summer 2013 Lifting Workout


How to get your percentages for different lifts:


Power Clean Max: _____   Power Clean, Hang Clean

                                             Clean Pull


73% of Clean Max: _____  Power Snatch, Hang Snatch

                                             Snatch Pull, Rack Jerk, Push Press


Back Squat Max: _____      Back Squat, Goodmorning, RDL


80% of Back Squat: _____ Front Squat


Bench Press Max: _____    Bench Press


80% of Bench Press: _____        Close Grip Incline,

                                                      Close Grip Bench



Power Clean Max: 215

Power Clean     5x50%_____ 5x60%_____

215 x .50 = 107.5 lbs Round up to 110 lbs

215 x .60 = 129 lbs Round up to 130 lbs


Any exercise denoted in this fashion:


Is done as heavy as possible with perfect technique. If you can’t do the exercise perfectly decrease the weight. 


Football Summer 2013 Lifting Workout


Discover the talent that God has given you.

Then, go out and make the most out of it.

- Steve Spurrier

Week -1


Bar Warmup: BTNP 5 reps, Back Squat 5 reps, Overhead Squat 5 reps

                          RDL 5 reps



Power CLean             5x50%_____5x60%_____3x65%_____3x70%_____3x70%_____

Hang Snatch              5x50%_____5x55%_____5x60%_____

Rack Jerks                  5x50%_____5x60%_____3x65%_____3x70%_____3x70%_____

Clean Pull                   5x75%_____5x75%_____5x75%_____

Goodmorning             5x20%_____5x20%_____5x20%_____5x20%_____




Back Squat                 5x60%_____6x70%_____4x75%_____4x80%_____

Front Squat                5x60%_____5x70%_____5x70%_____5x70%_____

Bench Press               5x60%_____5x75%_____4x85%_____3x90%_____

Close Grip Incline      5x60%_____5x70%_____5x70%_____5x70%_____

Pullup                         8x_____8x_____8x_____8x_____




Power Snatch                        5x50%_____5x60%_____3x65%_____3x70%_____3x70%_____

Hang Clean                5x50%_____5x55%_____5x60%_____5x60%_____

Push Press                 5x50%_____5x60%_____3x65%_____3x70%_____3x70%_____

Snatch Pull                 5x85%_____5x85%_____5x85%_____

Gluteham Raise         5x_____5x_____5x_____5x_____




Back Squat                 8x60%_____6x70%_____4x75%_____4x80%_____

Front Squat                5x60%_____5x70%_____5x70%_____5x70%_____

Bench Press               6x60%_____6x75%_____4x80%_____4x80%_____

Close Grip Bench       5x60%_____5x65%_____5x70%_____5x70%_____

Mako Row                  6x_____6x_____6x_____6x_____