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Performance Training Science

  • Q: How was the Training Program designed and is it safe ?

    The training regiment in this program is designed to train components of sport: strength, speed, power, agility, balance, flexibility, and conditioning.  The training system is progressive by nature, with the athlete’s potential peaking by week 10.  It is designed for any athlete to develop a base of training knowledge through supportive demonstration video.  All exercises and drills prescribed are safe if performed technically correct.  This training system was developed by Kurt Hester, BS, USAW, CSCS, SAC.  He has been a professional strength coach for over 25 years and has trained over 12,000 high school and junior high athletes.  Hester has a professional client base of over 400 athletes in the NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, and PGA.  Coach Hester has trained 2 National Champion collegiate teams while working at LSU and has trained 3 former Heisman Trophy winners; Hershel Walker, Reggie Bush and Tim Tebow.  

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